Artillian Tractor Introduces 60 Inch Steel Plow For Use With Artillian Pallet Fork Frame

West Boylston, Massachusetts, March 29, 2019 – Artillian Inc., a division of Curtis Industries, LLC today announced the release of a 60 inch hydraulic plow. The plow is perfect for snow removal, light grading and general landscaping.

An Artillian pallet fork frame and diverter kit are required. The plow eliminates the need for an additional quick hitch, and mounts directly to an Artillian pallet fork frame using the tractor’s hydraulics to operate left and right angle control.

Used in conjunction with the Artillian pallet frame system allows you to leave the loader on and quickly switch back to the bucket for stacking snow and pushing back drifts.

Plow includes ½ inch skid shoes, mounting frame, tethered lock keys and removable mounting pins.

Reversible steel cutting edge for longer life. Optional rubber extension wings, rubber snow deflector and blade markers are available.