Outside of a little barn cleaning a couple of weeks ago, I finally got a chance to give my grapple a real workout in the orchard picking up branches, brush, and some small trees from this Springs prunings.

I can now collect, stack, and haul lots of brush saving me tons of work. I got so much practice that I swear I can now pick up a nickel with this thing!

Thanks again for your care!

I just want to tell you what a great job Artillian did with the grapple design and kitting. Everything fit perfectly once I experimented with hose placement until I found the correct lay. I did add my own Deutsch connectors as I had previously installed a Painless Performance Aux Fuse Block and I wanted a tidier install. I also used your switch without the plastic mount as I found it more ergonomic for me.

I’ve had a chance to use it already starting with barn cleanup. I had to remove a huge pile of soiled hay that had accumulated all winter and the grapple made short work of it. Next, I used it to gather up some of the apple tree prunings from our apple orchard. I am faced with branches and brush scattered over 50 trees or so. I’m waiting for mud season to end so that I can get back out there to finish the job and I’m chomping at the bit already.

Good Morning… Below a few pictures of the Artillian forks in action here… shifting oak sleepers and a stone gatepost – all part of our landscaping endeavours.

Very pleased with the forks!
Note that the weather in the pictures is the exception not the rule – hence the cab on the tractor…


I have received your pallet fork shipment this morning. Just as other customers have indicated, your attention to detail is evident in design, production, finishing and packaging. While I considered bucket forks on a cost basis since I will likely use these only occasionally, I’m glad I ordered Artillian upon opening the packaging. As a former Quality Program Manager in the Aerospace/Defense industry, I appreciated seeing the design / stress analysis, choice of materials and coatings you apply. All first rate.

There was some minor package damage on the outside during third party transit (Fed-Ex Ground), but nothing seemed to touch the frame cocooned inside. You even thought about details such as placing the paperwork in a zip lock bag and including a Werther’s Original candy. Very well done!

Can’t do this with a bucket! Never thought I’d be able to pick up and move a boulder this size with my 1026R!

The gear arrived yesterday evening in Spain. Great stuff!

…The combination really works well, and I am glad I went through with them. Yesterday I cleaned all the pallets around the house which were still there after the construction…

…The 5/16″ chain works just great as you can see. It fits well in the slots. I can use it also very well with the three point hitch I bought from your colleagues at Omni Manufacturing.

Thanks again for your fantastic support!

For All the Folks at Artillian, LLC, “Well Done!”

JDQA Pallet Fork Frame, Pallet Forks, Backrest Assembly, Casters and 2″ Receiver Hitch Adapter safely arrived in Laramie, WY all intact this afternoon. My compliments to those who designed the packaging and packed the components. The time taken to glue and staple the boxes resulted in all of them arriving without penetrations or collapsing and prevented any nicks or chips to the painted components. Everything arrived in Factory Showroom condition.

I am most pleased by the quality and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing each piece. The components were quickly assembled and mounted on my JD 3720/300CX. I look forward to putting the Fork Lift and Hitch Adapter to work starting tomorrow. A new 850 lb. drag for our gravel roads needs to be lifted off its delivery trailer; one or more of my four trailers will need to be repositioned; building materials for a back porch need to be shifted from the delivery site to the work site. Thank you for manufacturing equipment that will make these tasks a little easier.

Best Regards.

…Finally getting around to zipping off some pictures of the fork cart inspired by the ones I saw on your site.

This was put together from the odds and ends I had here, no trips to town for parts. From the beginning I had envisioned a dual purpose cart that could be used for the forks and also anything else to save the back! The 2 batteries on the cart weigh about 120 lbs each.

Now that I have the backrest I’ll have to see if the cg has changed enough to warrant an extension of the aft end and repositioning the wheels to get the load forward.

The backrest fit like a glove and was easy to install. Nice touch sending along the proper size driver!

Here is some feedback from someone who adapted our Receiver Hitch Adapter onto their Kubota fork carriage…

“Green Works!!..Just a little grinding and relocate pins. Great add-on attachments to make things easier! Thanks”

Just wanted to let you know that the Artillian fork rack arrived yesterday in pristine condition. I was very impressed with the packaging and the design is fantastic. Most importantly, I was proud to see the Made in the USA sticker on top of that beautiful John Deere green powder coat.

Best Regards

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