Artillian is a U.S. manufacturer of attachments for compact and sub-compact tractors, specializing in pallet frames, pallet fork sets and grapple systems.

Founded in 2010 by Chris Perry, Artillian continues the rigorous quality standards Chris established. Today Artillian is recognized for unmatched quality, innovative product design and exceptional customer service.

The Artillian modular system offers unique versatility, allowing you to add the right attachments for each job, easily switching from one component to another.

All Artillian products are manufactured in the U.S. with the highest grade North American steel. Each component is designed to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. In fact, Artillian products are engineered to offer the best strength-to-weight ratio of any fork frames, pallet forks and grapples on the market. Lighter weight attachments allow you to take full advantage of your tractor’s lift capacity.

Artillian. Empower Your Tractor