ES – Maine

I will preface this with saying, in my 47 years, I have never left a review and or testimonial. I purchased a double fist and center rake setup last year for my 3025, along with diverter control. Only got to using it this spring. Clearing a large wooded area for our future home has been amazingly easy thanks to this setup. We have utilized this setup to move and stack brush from 100’s of trees, without hesitation. Albeit, that alone should warrant a testimonial, it’s nothing I normally do, I am normally just satisfied with my purchase and carry on. But, after running into a small issue, I contacted Artillian, spoke with a live person each time, they actually listened and understood my trouble I was having. Working diligently they have gone above and beyond to resolve my issue. It is so nice to see customer satisfaction and honesty in a company. I would highly recommend Artillian. The Grapples are absolutely bullet proof.