For All the Folks at Artillian, LLC, “Well Done!”

JDQA Pallet Fork Frame, Pallet Forks, Backrest Assembly, Casters and 2″ Receiver Hitch Adapter safely arrived in Laramie, WY all intact this afternoon. My compliments to those who designed the packaging and packed the components. The time taken to glue and staple the boxes resulted in all of them arriving without penetrations or collapsing and prevented any nicks or chips to the painted components. Everything arrived in Factory Showroom condition.

I am most pleased by the quality and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing each piece. The components were quickly assembled and mounted on my JD 3720/300CX. I look forward to putting the Fork Lift and Hitch Adapter to work starting tomorrow. A new 850 lb. drag for our gravel roads needs to be lifted off its delivery trailer; one or more of my four trailers will need to be repositioned; building materials for a back porch need to be shifted from the delivery site to the work site. Thank you for manufacturing equipment that will make these tasks a little easier.

Best Regards.