Iron Fist Grapple & Frame for JDQA Front Loaders



3000 Lb. John Deere Quick Attach Frame fits 1-, 2-, 3- & 4-series sub-compact tractors or equivalent. Includes built-in 2-inch receiver.


Patent Pending Variable Grip Technology enables the Artillian Grapple to grasp payloads with a tight fist-like function.

The Artillian Iron Fist Grapple System mounts on the Artillian Pallet Fork Frame. Mix & match sections to best accomplish your tasks.

Grapple sections include hydraulic hoses, ready to plug into our hydraulic diverter kits, and go right to work!

When using Artillian Iron Fist Grapples on tractors with greater than 32 HP or with “True 3rd Function” hydraulics, we recommend adding the Artillian Hydraulic Flow Control Valve to provide the operator with additional control over the opening and closing speed of the grapple.

Using more than one Grapple requires a Hydraulic Splitter Manifold