SubCompact Hitch Adapter for JD Quik-Tatch Hitch/54 Blade


SubCompact Hitch Adapter for JD Quik-Tatch Hitch/54 Blade for the 1023e, 1025r, 1026r, 2025r (2018+), 2210 & 2305 tractors. These mount on Artillian Pallet Fork Frames (will not work with other brands)

Switch between your 54 Blade and your bucket in seconds. No more getting down on the ground to change attachments.

Leverage your Artillian Pallet Fork Frame into a year-round tool!

NOTE: These adapters require Extension Hoses (below) to connect the hitch angling cylinder to the tractor. Or, to keep full functionality of the loader and add the ability of angling your plow, consider installing one of our Diverter Kits. If you plan to use other hydraulic attachments on your loader, such as our Grapple, a diverter kit will be required. Installing one now will make your tractor ready for anything!

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