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…They are installed and have been put to good use already. They are everything I expected. Nicely engineered and produced.

Attached are a few pictures of them in use on a welding table I just built. The welding table I’m lifting weighs approximately 700 lbs and is powder coated.

Thanks for everything…

I got the forks last Friday. They arrived in perfect shape. The packaging was great. I got them installed yesterday and got to use them a little. I’m sure I will be using these everyday in the summertime.

Thanks for the great service.

Well my forks have made life so much easier. Unfortunately my Tractor loader hydraulics stall at 5 feet with 1200 pounds of concrete loaded. Very well built product.

Moving a 14 foot by 12 foot wide kid’s playhouse out of my workshop. I have a warehouse cart strapped under one end while I use the tractor with forks to lift the other end. The chain notches helped strap the tractor and playhouse together while pulling through the grass.

This is a pic with the pallet fork set (1 ton bale of hay).

Thanks for your help and a great job.

Another use for forks… spading forks!

I received my order today. I wanted to let you know I’m impressed with the efficient design of the forks, and the quality of the workmanship. And the packaging job was remarkable – the fork set arrived in great condition.

The forks will come in handy for years to come. Thanks!

Here is a photo in action, lifting the first log off the stump of one of the trees we took down last week. That piece of oak is about 36″ in diameter.


…Finally got the projects done so I was able to get a little time on the tractor with the forks moving some tree tops around for further processing. Which leads to my next point…

WOW! Those forks are tremendous and the uses for them are countless! Excellent design and spectacular construction, these will soon become one of the most valuable tools at our house.

Thanks again for filling a niche and for making a great product.

I received your forks frame, and I think it is a good product. My forks that I had work great on the frame. It’s hard to believe something that light can be that strong. I used them right away to lift some trees that were cut along the creek bank. They are a great saw buck. Thanks again for your time explaining.

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