Diverter Kits & Splitter Manifolds

The Artillian Hydraulic Kit Advantage

Compare the cost: Artillian Hydraulic Diverter Kits are priced as much as $1,000 below OEM prices!

Compare usage: The Artillian Grapple lets you tap the momentary switch while curling the loader. Continuously varying the angle of attack to allow the grapple to easily pull the brush into the jaws. It is more difficult with an On/Off rocker switch.

Compare the features: OEM third functions cannot vary the hydraulic flow to the grapple. Artillian hydraulic diverter kits third function operates from a button on the loader joystick with a momentary switch to divert hydraulic flow to a manifold on the loader. Release the button and return to normal dump & curl function.

Installation Guides

Hydraulic Diverter Kits Benefits

  • All Artillian hydraulic hose assemblies are custom sized for each loader
  • 12VDC / 4-amp solenoid actuated hydraulic diverter valve
  • Flexible hydraulic hose assemblies include dust plugs and quick disconnect fittings
  • All contact points are rubber coated to protect your tractor’s finish
  • Hoses ship fully assembled in protective sheaths, ready to install. Step-by-step instructions for easy installation – no special hydraulics knowledge required
  • Mounting system is fully assembled and secure for the diverter valve body, the push button switch and the loader front quick disconnect manifold

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