Why isn’t the Backrest built into the Artillian pallet fork frame?

There are a few reasons for this.

  1. To keep the system as lightweight as possible whenever the backrest is not needed.
  2. Unlike other brands, our pallet fork frames do not depend on them for stiffness and rigidity.
  3. Visibility is improved without a backrest so it only needs to be mounted when required.
  4. With the Backrest removed, you can lift objects higher up without hitting a low ceiling, such as for stacking your attachments on garage shelving.
  5. With the Backrest removed, you can get generally better access in areas with obstructions, such as pickup truck caps.
  6. Some people don’t see the need for a Backrest and others insist on having one at all times so, it’s optional.
  7. To ship our fork sets by ground parcel services, the backrest must be separate.
  8. With the backrest as a separate component, Artillian forks can be disassembled and easily handled, such as for seasonal storage or for packing into a vehicle for transportation.
  9. Our backrest can always be added later!
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