How do I place an Order?

Domestic Orders (Continental US)

You can place an order by simply browsing the website and then clicking the “Add to Cart” button for your desired product.

Enter your Shipping State & Zip Code when prompted and then you will be shown available shipping options. If you would like to know what your final shipping cost will be before placing your order, please see the “International Orders” section to the right.

To add more items to the cart, click Continue Shopping, or you can move on to Checkout.

Upon Checkout, you will have the following payment choices:

Visa | Mastercard | Discover | American Express | Paypal

Enter your credit or debit card number directly and securely

International Orders (Outside of the Continental US)

We greatly enjoy shipping our products to distant places! First, we’ll need to find the best shipping arrangement for you. Please send an email with the following:

  1. Model numbers and quantities of items desired (send screen capture of your shopping cart)
  2. Your country & postal code or zip code
  3. Where you would receive your shipment:
    • Delivery to a business with a shipping dock or forklift
    • Delivery to a business without a shipping dock or forklift
    • Delivery to a residence
    • Pick up at a local shipping terminal
    • Pick up at an international shipping port (specify)
    • Feel free to offer more than one option!

When you are ready, we will provide instructions on how to place your order directly through the website, or we can process the order for you by phone.

A note on credit card purchases

When you place your order on our website, your credit card is only authorized for the amount of the order. We don’t process the charge until your order is being scheduled to ship or to be picked up. This gives us the ability to reduce the amount charged if your actual shipping cost is lower than what the website calculates. We DO NOT have the ability to INCREASE the amount charged.

If you still have questions or if you believe you are experiencing trouble with our checkout system, please contact us.

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